West10 for content providers

West10 works with content providers of all home entertainment media, including downloadable content, DVD and Blu-ray, music, video games and books. We work with publishers of any size or specialism.

There are two ways in which working with West10 may help your business. Firstly through the distribution of information about your products to potential buyers, including retailers, e-tailers, suppliers and libraries. Secondly you may use West10 metadata to populate your own online catalogues, use for advertising, stock control and marketing.

Your choice, consistent quality

However you choose to use West10 metadata you are assured of an accurate, information-rich record for all your publications that meets all current standards, including those employed in the library sector as well the commercial sector (see our information on metadata standards). Because we are experts in the field of metadata standards you will save time and money while avoiding the pitfalls that requires specialised members of staff and dedicated resources to achieve on your own.

Exceeding expectations 

West10 metadata goes far beyond what is needed for sourcing an item. It includes jacket and internal images, a description, text extracts, streaming video trailers and audio-clips. West10 specialises in the promotion of publishers’ information in the MARC format, a data standard used by libraries to store and exchange information around the world. In a non-library context this data offers the most complete and accurate record possible for retailers and e-tailers to promote and sell titles.

Huge outreach

By working with West10 you will reach our clients that include the British Library, public and academic libraries throughout the UK and abroad, retailers, multimedia specialists, official bodies, charities, shopping comparators and e-marketplaces and digital platform providers.

BDS creates records for hardbacks, paperbacks, e-books and audio-books, graphic novels, music CDs, DVDs, BluRays, VoD and video games. New title information and any subsequent alterations to that information is sent out on a daily basis, which means that the most current information on your titles is always available.

For more information on what West10 can do for you contact Barry Smith at barry.smith@west10entertainment.com or 0772 500 1833.

Web Development

With years of experience in building and managing websites for some of industry’s leading companies and a commitment to delivering results and fair pricing, BDSDigital, offers the complete web services package that can include design and copy-writing.

For further information on web development contact our web development division at sales@bdslive.com

Design Services

BDSDigital offers a range of design service for content providers, ranging from the design of marketing material, jacket design, specialist typography, identity and branding to exhibition displays and multimedia presentations.

Its award-winning design division has over twenty years of experience working in the fields of origination, development and presentation to diverse markets, including publishing and the arts.

For more information contact sales@bdslive.com