What makes West10 so successful…

We know you need the best metadata available to drive your database, your website, your catalogue and your sales. That’s how you beat the competition and keep customers coming back for more. At West10 principles and standards for HE records are what make the difference.

A solid foundation

West10 begins with a “master” record, the foundation, with a unique West10 id from which all links spring off. This allows duplication to be based on relationships rather than repetition.

Use of all available industry standards

Once upon a time the only HE identifier being used was a barcode but not every product would have one, let alone a catalogue number. The West10 id was therefore used as the unique identifier and this was given out to customers. Nowadays, there are other standards being used, such as EIDR, and ISRC, NACO and ISNI but, since none of these are unique outside their remit, West10 collects them all whilst still using its own West10 ids as the overriding unique identifier.

Granularity and accuracy

The West10 database is and has always been built around coded choices and relationships to avoid typing errors and cloning. People, genres, publishers, labels, formats, availabilities, roles etc. have all been given their own codes within their own environments.

Established editorial guidelines

The importance of accurate and consistent data is paramount to metadata supply, and West10. Thus West10 has established editorial rules which allow all our team to add records with consistency and confidence. From the film or product’s title through to our in-house synopsis, every field of information, of which there are over 150, has been looked at and standards introduced. The record is then put through a rigorous proofing process so that every record we create has been given the same effort – whether the record is for a blockbuster film or a fitness programme.

Maintained contact with content providers

Most publishers, studios and labels come to us to supply up-to-date and correct press material. However, we maintain contact with the relevant people within publishers, studios and labels and these contacts are continually updated and renewed.


Information comes to us via many and varied means. Rather than feed it directly into our database, the West10 editorial team assimilate and manually add it using our internal codes and rules, thus maintaining consistency and also allocating products to the correct people and “works”: Every element has its own code from artists to item availability. No matter how simple automatic data feeds are perceived, if they are coming from different sources in different formats, West10 intervention is paramount.


Having taken all the steps to get here, West10 can confidently supply records to our customers across the UK, Europe and further afield.

With the metadata comes the expertise. Our team of experts are here to help, offer advice and show you the true potential of the best metadata that you can buy for home entertainment releases.