The Industry Trust

The Industry Trust for IP Awareness aims to reduce copyright infringement in the UK. It is supported by a huge range of stakeholders spanning the UK TV and video industry, including distributors, cinema exhibitors, and retailers, and a number of industry bodies.

A big part of what the Trust does is to raise awareness of its flagship site for film fans Launched in 2009, FindAnyFilm is one of the UK’s leading websites to watch, buy, download, stream or rent legitimate film, TV and video. West 10 is a critical and core partner for requires metadata of the highest standard that is comprehensive and granular. backed by West10 metadata is ideally positioned to help counter copyright infringement, which continues to damage the economic viability of the UK Audio-Visual sector.

Our campaigns show people the incredible return that they get from film, TV and video, the emotional payback, and the amount of work that goes into making this content that they love. West 10 is committed whole-heartedly in helping us achieve those aims.
Katy Carter, Marketing Manager at the Industry Trust.