SAM, or Socialising Around Media, is a Europe-wide research project funded through the EU’s Europa Seventh Framework Programme initiative. West10 was selected as lead data partner in user-oriented studies. SAM is aimed at leading research into 2nd Screen usage, opinion mining and content syndication. The aim of the project is to create an advanced federated social media delivery platform and to offer open and standardised formats for the description of media.

Today’s generation of internet-connected devices has changed the way users are interacting with media from passive users to proactive and interactive. What is SAM’s innovation? Instead of users reaching for media-related content, it is the content that finds the users 2nd Screen through SAM’s syndication approach. Excellent metadata, as supplied by West 10, is key to the success of the syndication process.

SAM will offer West 10 and its clients a number of benefits. Metadata provision is at this project’s heart but with new possibilities of linking across four media in one place while gauging public opinion on them all. SAM will also link to external content via API such as Wikipedia or Getty Images. This will aid decision making, quickly inform suppliers and the public in a broad and in-depth manner about media items, and link across diverse devices for the consumption of that information.

West10 is collaborating with the Universities of Athens, Reading and Alicante, Belgian SmartTV manufacturer TPVision, broadcaster Deutsche Welle from Germany, software developers Ascora from Germany, Talkamatic from Sweden, Tie Kintetix from the Netherlands.

This exciting project with West 10 as a key player is ongoing and can be followed at