MovieMail is the foremost web-based classic, art house, independent and foreign DVD web-based store. The quality of West10 metadata and the customisation offered allowed the Moviemail site to support varied methods of browsing. West10 also gave support and feedback to the Moviemail team to ensure that the web design reflected this flexibility.

Many of the films on the MovieMail site are World Cinema in a foreign language with English subtitles. The country search enables you to explore films available on DVD in any language from any part of the world. Such information is readily available using West10 metadata which also provides early release information and allows Moviemail to populate the rest of its site with quality images.

The results have been impressive. An initial surge in conversions of 67% followed the launch of the new site, plus a rise in transactions of over 60% and an increase in time on the website of 30%. We are delighted with the help that West10 has given MovieMail.
Carol Hunter, founder of MovieMail