Even if West10 can offer quick solutions, West10 is really about the best solution for your business. West10 lets you focus on being successful – here’s how…

The best metadata money can buy

If you want to get ahead, West10 metadata is an essential player in your success story. As your business grows and customers come back for more, you will really see the strengths of West10 metadata deliver ever-better performance. It’s a class act.

Application of leading technology

By utilising leading technology, West10 provides innovative solutions on managing metadata and digital resources that are flexible, dependable and always under a client’s complete control.

Access to industry experts

Clients gain access to West10’s experienced staff who are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Reduction of labour-intensive activities

Clients can save hundreds of hours each year by offloading labour-intensive activities, such as keeping up with the latest releases, gathering cast information, updating prices and gathering information for reporting.

Access to world-class capabilities and technologies

We continually explore, test and invest in new and proven technology that will directly benefit your company.

Some more benefits of using West10 metadata:

  • Pre-release information supplied by publishers and studios
  • Extensive cross-referencing across media
  • Extensive categories for video
  • Streaming film trailers
  • Short descriptions for all media
  • Music artist biographies
  • Track listings
  • Comprehensive production details for games and video
  • Audience level information
  • Cover and internal content images
  • Popular and important releases identified to make choice easier
  • Book-in-hand records created on publication
  • Free consultation on how best to use West10 metadata


When you buy from West10, you buy more than metadata; you buy a partnership that wants you
to win.

We offer the best support in the industry. We promise:

  • Fast response and knowledgeable answers to your questions
  • No hanging around on automated phone lines
  • Friendly people that know you and know their subject
  • Back up that is dedicated to your success
  • A culture of support that genuinely cares and is not about ticking its own boxes